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Sonia Díaz Monsalve

Albert Ludwigs Universität Freiburg (Alemania)
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ZMG Center of Medicine and Society

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Sonia Diaz Monsalve, PhD in Public Health, is a knowledgeable senior manager from Colombia with more than 25 years experience working nationally and internationally in health systems development. She has a proven track record in implementation research, strategic and operational planning, developing training methodologies and training materials, organization and implementation of management training programmes and design of curricula for Master Health Programmes. She has worked as training coordinator and health adviser on quality assurance, health systems strengthening, capacity development, project management, operational and implementation research. She is familiar with strategic alliances, institutional and individual capacity strengthening and has special expertise in monitoring and evaluation. At WHO she worked for 2 years as Technical Officer in TDR and the Global Health Work Alliance. At the Global Fund in Geneva she worded for 5 years as Monitoring and Evaluation Officer. She was responsible for giving advice to Fund Portfolio Managers.

Descripción de actividades con CAPAZ

Coordinacion en actividades con nuestro proyecto DAAD de mejoramiento de Salud mental en poblaciones desplazadas.

Apoyo a estudios exploratorios 2018 (UFPS Cucuta and U. Javeriana)

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Salud mental y atención psico-social
  • Daños
  • Salud mental
  • Atención a víctimas
  • Atención y acompañamiento psicosocial
  • Intervención social a víctimas
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